Maybe I’m Mr. Robot? (No Spoiler Alert)

What am I thinking now?  I mean I know thoughts run rapidly through my generously high IQ brain, but what is this thought? Thanks to USA Network and it’s new Program Mr. Robot I have realized that others have the same Olympic sprints in their minds.  Their Neurological impulses racing through the lobes of their brains faster than even Usain Bolt.  Run, run, run.  The writers and technical consultants and producers and so on race, run, sweat away to get inside the brain of a mentally ill, opiate pill snorting genius.  They do, they do, they do each week running the race and winning.  Am I too a mentally ill, opiate pill snorting genius???  No, unfortunately I am not ALL those things.  I don’t snort my opiates and I have a prescription for them and swallow them whole.

Popping Pills

The Pain is legitimate and abuse of them non-existent, but the effects on my opiate receptors are the same… some happiness and superfluous thought.  Run, run, run Usain Bolt.  Mania sets in and the runners are off.  So, what do I think about?  Anything, everything, all of it!!!  Do I come to conclusions?  Well, of course I do; I’m here aren’t I?  I’m writing to you, for you and maybe even about you.  If, by chance, you are a fan of USA’s Mr. Robot, you have already pieced together the correlation; the similarities and they will only become more evident.  If you, however, are not a fan this may come across a bit convoluted, but entertaining nonetheless.

So What is it that I have to Say?  Why am I here today writing?

Distorted American Flag  FREEDOM! I am here writing today because I can!  What do I have to say?  Individualism, is it lost?  Look, I’m not here to be an American flag waving, conservative, bible blazing, right wing, finger pointing, you should do it our way maniac.  I’m not that way.  Nor am I a believer in my spirituality is the only one.  I’m going to piss some people off… that’s okay; plenty of people piss me off.  I am here because again, run, run, run… Usain Bolt, running laps in my mind and the images are becoming less pleasing with each mile.  The speed at which these images blaze in my mind; behind my eyelids, are frightening, concerning and most of all mine.  Mine to acknowledge and now mine to share.

As my thoughts and images are mine; YOURS are YOURS!  No one can take them, no one can change them without your express consent.  They are like pretty little butterflies, lightening bugs, colorful pyrotechnics; all alive within us.  Oh, yes, but some days they can be microscopic nanobots, parasites, infections that try to take control over our thoughts; our images of pretty little insects with asses that light the night sky. 

perfect female

perfect male

But what about the IMAGES

we are forced to see and live up to


The streaming media images of muscles, tight asses and beautiful, symmetrical faces leaves us “normal” people reaching for the gurus of fitness, anorexia, energy drinks, and whatever one day lose 20lbs of fat and have rock hard abs in 10 day products out there.  Now, I am not by any stretch saying that disorders like anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders are not serious and in need of treatment, because they are.  However, look at what the media has given us to look up to!  When will we learn that physical, mental and spiritual INDIVIDUALISM is not only okay, but the real bar to be measured by and to strive for.

So, what is Individualism?  So, one idea is that the needs of the individual are more important that that of the group, society, etc.  That is not what I’m speaking about. I’m speaking of that person who displays attitudes, actions, styles, thoughts, etc… Without being concerned about what others think.  And no, I’m not speaking of those who protest in such a way to bring harm to anyone, including themselves, property or any living creature.  That is not being an individual… that is being a CRIMINAL!


Being an Individual is the thought running through my mind.  Being an individual is the Freedom I speak of.  It is not being afraid to stand out in a crowd.  It is knowing that you do not have to conform to anyone’s ideal of what you should be.  Humans were not made from some cookie cutter wielding higher power… it doesn’t; it can’t work that way.  Being the same equates to boredom and turns George Orwell’s 1984 into a psychic’s journal of what’s to come.  Big Brother, thought control and “Newspeak”… What kind of life is that?

We are all born individuals and keep becoming more and more individualistic through space and time.  Experience, art, pain, sorrow, happiness, other individuals we meet and so on shape our own individualism and it is wonderful.  Even that broken heart shapes us.  Our own thoughts that run, run, run… all those miles; the blood, sweat and tears of our work, our journeys make us who we are.

Our Individualism is not something for us to fear, no; it’s something to be held dear, held close and fought for.  It is to be expressed with every job choice, word we speak, every book we read, the music in our ears, piercing through our skin, tattoo on our bodies and every garment we don.  And yes, yes, yes every thought or belief we have and the words we speak.

The issue here, what my thoughts are running around, is NOT about whether the needs of the individual are surmount to that of society, no, no, no… that is not what I’m speaking of, thinking of, no.  I am purely saying that it IS the individual that makes up our society and by so being a true individual, we can cross many borders and reach acceptance.  It is conformity of thought, belief, dress, hell… even to read book lists and that is NEVER to be read by a civilized person book lists that has aided and abetted so many societal problems.


I may not be addressing whether or not the needs of the individual are paramount to the group here; that is for a different discussion.  What I am saying is that the continuation of chasing conformity, the images of perfection laid out by Hollywood and whatever the hottest fad is today, will only land us in one place… ROBOTS!  Yes maybe I am Mr. Robot and maybe you are Mr. Robot, Miss Robot, Mrs. Robot or any sex in between.  We must allow our inner individual to come forth, hack the system we have been a part of for so long and see every man, woman and child as an individual and respect them for it… not condemn them, nor judge them for it.  The opportunity for strength in a society that holds it’s hands up high and screams We are all not the same, but we are one united!” is tremendous and comforting.  This is my thought, my race… run, run, run with me to this safety.

Again, your questions and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

As Always, be good to yourself and others…

Sonny C.

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3 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Mr. Robot? (No Spoiler Alert)

  1. I have to agree on treating and seeing people as individuals and respecting them for their differences. However its sad to say thats not always the case. A few examples of disrespect includes the Stonewall riots..the beating of Rodney King that led to white on Black riots, and lastly the holocaust. A history of disrespect toward individuals and unfortunately it’s not ever going to stop. Being an individual takes courage. A lot for some. People have been trained to be like everyone else, wear the latest styles and own the best gadgets. The same cycle over and over. My point is this; freedom to be an individual and stand out is achieved when that person stops and says “hold on there, I’m different. I don’t care what anybody thinks because this is my life”. That’s the true awakening.


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